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Graph Messenger (aka Telegraph)

Graph Messenger (aka Telegraph) is a messaging app based on Telegram API. It adds some very interesting features to the already rich list of features offered by Telegram. Read on to discover some of the coolest.

The most attractive feature offered by Graph Messenger is undoubtedly the built-in download manager. With this feature, you can manage and automate your download queue. This is especially useful if you subscribe to digital content distribution channels, as in many cases you will be uploading many files larger than 1GB. Thanks to the download manager, this won’t be a problem anymore.

Other cool features offered by Graph Messenger include the ability to set up a secret section in the messaging app. You can only access this secure area with a password or pattern set by yourself. Alternatively, you can also “block” any conversation. This way, if you have a specific conversation that you want to keep private, you can make sure you’re the only one who can open it.

Other features that are more interesting than useful include the ability to draw in chats, use a voice changer to send audio messages, or customize the look and feel to your personal taste. You can even create “special contacts”. When one of your “special contacts” comes online, you’ll receive a notification.
Graph Messenger is a great alternative client for Telegram that, unlike other similar apps, does not offer anything new, bringing many interesting improvements.


OwlGram is a third-party client that uses Telegram’s API, the world’s fastest messaging app.
It’s free, powerful, secure and cloud-based.
More Customizable

Use System Fonts or Emojis, make the status bar transparent, show seconds in time, play GIFs as Video and more…

Always updated

The OwlGram Team will keep the client always updated to the latest Telegram Build, moreover there’s a Beta Program which you can test new versions before their official release.


Translate messages and descriptions with 5 translation providers to choose from.


exteraGram is an external Telegram client with some new features.
o If you often record videos and share them with your friends via Telegram, you will love the device’s main camera activation feature.

• Additionally, voice messaging enthusiasts will appreciate the improved audio quality over the original client.

• If needed, you can hide your phone number, enable system fonts and custom emojis in settings.

• In addition, the client also supports dynamic themes from Android 12, which will help redesign the interface to match the colors of the system.

• Equally important are regular updates to keep you up to date with all the new features.


The developer of the application is not affiliated with the official Telegram group. All trademarks are the protected work of the responsible companies.