Nekogram Alternative client Telegram

Nekogram is an open source alternative to the official Telegram application on Android that includes a large number of really interesting extra functions , which we will explain below.

To access all the extra features that Nekogram X offers us, you will have to click on the menu button located in the upper left corner, click on the Settings option and, once inside, click on the Neko Settings section , which will be divided in four sections: general, account, chat and experimental .

One of the main extra functions that this third-party Telegram client incorporates is an integrated translator, which you can configure by accessing the Translate section found in the General section. From this section you will be able to select the provider of the translations , being able to choose between several alternatives among which are the Google translator, the Microsoft translator or DeepL Translate and the source language and the target language of the translation .

From the same part, you can also determine the appearance of Nekogram X, there is a project, almost identical to the design of the official application, with a series of options, such as a status line. The transparent slice, excluding the shade of the shade of the title, capital decoration, depending on the season or allows the tablet mode, so that it is automatically activated when opening the application on this device.
Most of the additional features that nekogram has, in the conversation section, in which you can change the size of the sticker and activate the parameters, such as combining incorrect messages into the button. The rear application, skip the messages that your blocked users write in the groups where you are, skip a unclean clock strangled on the folder card, hide the keyboard when changing chat or chat or chat or Ignore the confirmation of the open link.

Also, at the end of this section you will find a very interesting section called “Folders”, which allows you to enable the option to show available folders when forwarding messages, hide the “All” tab chats” and select the desired tab. show title for each folder: title only, emoji only or emoji with title.
In this sense, one of the features that Necogram X includes by default is the ability to mark all conversations in a particular folder as read by pressing and holding the title of a card or emoji. touch and select the appropriate option. .

Finally, in the testing section, you will find many features that are still in beta, although I must say that all the ones I have tried are working fine.
In this you can enable features like unlimited pinned chats, pin all chats to any folder, unlimited favorite stickers, store all sticker packs paste, preview media in dialog, or enhance voice message quality.