Fouad Wa iOS

WhatsApp iPhone has many features that Android users like, such as its interface and emojis, which is why many Android users want to have WhatsApp with iOS theme. One of the most famous copies is WhatsApp Fouad iOS, when you download Fouad iOS WhatsApp you will notice that the interface, emojis and font are the same as WhatsApp iPhone. Here in this article you can download FMWhatsApp iOS latest version 2023 from and learn how to update and install fouad whatsapp ios latest version.

What is Fouad ios?

Fouad WhatsApp iOS or FMWahtsApp iOS is a version of WhatsApp Plus by the developer Stephanie, and it is one of the rare copies to carry the iOS, another version for the developer is Download MB WhatsApp iOS and it has the iPhone theme as well. In FMWhatsApp iOS, apart from iPhone theme, you will also get WhatsApp Plus features like hide online status and prevent message deletion.

By Stefano


Package 1: com.whatsapp
Second package: com.mbwhatsapp