Changelog MDGram

MDGram Update V16.6

Update Date: 17-07-2023
  • Base Updated Telegram 9.6.6
  • Added Preview in Settings in change Folder Tab UI style
  • Added Button in MDGram Settings for Browser Themes
  • Fixed Title Chat Action Bar for ios Style
  • Fixed Entry ios icon attach
  • Fixed others Small Bugs

MDGram Update V16.5F

Update Date: 22-05-2023
  • Base Updated Telegram 9.6.5
  • Deleted Custom emoji Download but readded old custom emoji
  • Added for send high resolution Images (Experimental.)
  • Upload – download Boost now set in MDGram settings General
  • Fixed Title Home center
  • Fixed bug when enabled resident notification
  • Fixed others Small Bugs

MDGram Update V16.5

Update Date: 27-04-2023
  • Base Updated Telegram 9.6.2
  • Added Custom Emoji pack Thanks To OwlGram
  • Added Forward Pro( Edit message for Forward)
  • Now Entry Chat Style is more IOS
  • Fixed Fonts
  • Fixed colors button Menu for Bots
  • Added Resident Notificaci√≥n ( Experimental)
  • Fixed others Small Bugs

MDGram Update V16

Update Date: 22-04-2023
  • Base Updated Telegram 9.5.8
  • All Features Telegram
  • Added in Settings Translate automatic thanks To Owlgram for Code.
  • Fixed Entry Chats ios and Material D.
  • Fixed Fonts
  • Added in chat Group dialog profile info.
  • Fixed counter in actionbar Chat in ios Style
  • Fixed others Small Bugs

MDGram Update V15.5

Update Date: 27-01-2023
  • Base Updated Telegram 9.3.3
  • All Features Telegram
  • Redesign ActionBar Home
  • UI more like ios
  • Added Option hide Hello Name in actionbar
  • Added in chat Group dialog profile info.
  • Fixed SearchBar For ios and Material Design
  • Fixed Bugs

MDGram Update V14

Update Date: 27-12-2022
  • Update Base Telegram 9.2.2
  • All Features Telegram
  • Redesign Material Home UI
  • UI more like ios
  • Added Setttings For autotranslate Thanks To Owlgram
  • Added For Read Messages unread in folders Tab Menu
  • Fixed SearchBar now in Topics Fragment
  • Fixed Small Bugs

MDGram Update V13

Update Date: 27-11-2022
  • Added Icons for Folder Tab Thanks To OwlGram and NekoGram
  • Added Jump to next Channel
  • Voice Enhancements
  • Disable Proximity Sensor
  • Added log events to admins in group or channel
  • Fixed Menu in enabled Menu Context Blur
  • Fixed Small Bugs