MDGram Messenger Official 2023

MDGram is an amazing Telegram client with elegant design and extensive customization, Using the Fully Secure Telegram API, available only for Android.

How does it work?

You will love the functionality

All the features of MDGram are uniquely made for the user so that they can be efficient to use and fully customizable, easily accessible and user friendly.





Advantages of MDGram

The advantages of using MDGram are vast, unlike using Normal Telegram, because with MDGram you will enjoy all the customization available



Monet Support For android 12+

More Style For Customization

Privacy, Auto Translate Messages

Fast Download and Download files


  • Home ios and Material You
  • Entry conversation ios and Material
  • Chagne Custom Emoji
  • Autotraslation messages
  • Personalization fonts Style
  • Bottom bar ios and Material You
  • Color theme
  • Send High Image Resolution
  • And more

Main features

The most outstanding features of MDGram is the design and the variety of personalization styles in the Home as well as in the conversation design

Great UI Design App

Privacy and Secure

Full Personalization

Material ui design

The Material design is set to Google’s Material You with an elegant Clean design with Monet or dynamic Colors support, with the Bottom bar design Identical to the Material You wing as well as the entire design

IOS Style Design

MDGram’s ios-style design recreates the design of a Telegram of the devices as similar as possible but with a personal touch that gives MDGram’s ios design a better life.

Chat Message ui

The design of the chat part of a conversation has two designs, both Material UI and iOS design, which reflects in the chat bubbles, in the actionbar, and in the conversation entry, each with its particular elegant design.

Get the MDGram now!

MDGram for download is available in the PlayStore and you can also download the Apk from this website as a Direct apk:

  • Play Store : Slow update due to Google Review
  • Direct Download from the Web: fast update
Version MDGram :v16.6
Telegram Base : 9.6.6
Android Os:6+
Developer :Richar C.
Download MDGram


MDGram is Developed by Richar C. About me: I am 29 years old, I am a Civil Engineer, but I love Application programming and everything related to technology, for this reason I started to develop MDGram as well as the other project called WAMD.

Themes And Personalization

MDGram has its own channel of Themes that are exclusively designed for MDGram, for easy application, and you can also edit the themes and personalization to your liking.



MDGram is totally safe and free of viruses verified and signed and approved in a playstore therefore MDGram is safe for your Telegram account,

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